Get Stock Watchfaces From Other OEMs On Android Wear

There is a fair chance that our readers don’t use Android Wear(Google’s foray into wearables market) any longer and if you are like me who are still using the ageing LG G Watch, you probably aren’t sporting Wear 2.0.

Someone over at /r/androidwear has extracted OEM watch faces from different watches to allow us to run on any watches. From my testing, most of them work pretty well. The Nixon watch face do have some problems though.(Complaining about lack of signal, which I presumed is due to the fact that the G Watch does not have any radio band.)

Here are some pictures of the faces:

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I have extracted the zip file posted by /u/Hipped_Orange22 and uploaded each individual APKs onto Google Drive. This helps to save bandwidth since not everyone would want to download the entire archive. You can find the APKs here.


The installation is simple. (This assumes you have adb downloaded and is in your environment path. This also assumes that you have ADB debugging enabled on your watch)


If you have a watch that has WiFi capabilities, simply open CMD and issue the following commands:

adb tcpip 5555



If your watch does not have WiFi capabilities, the process is slightly longer. Ensure you have enabled both ADB debugging and debugging over Bluetooth enabled. Also ensure that you have ADB debugging enabled on your phone and Debugging over Bluetooth option enabled on your Android Wear app. Plug your phone into your computer and issue the following commands:

adb forward tcp:4444 [PHONE_SERIAL_HERE]:/adbhub

adb connect

(Phone serial can be found by simply issuing adb devices)

At this point, Android Wear App should say 

Host: connected
Target: connected

Once you see this, installation is as simple as

adb -s install [PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_APK]

That’s it.

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