Fixing 2D Gaming/UI Lags on MediaTek Devices

Many users of devices such as the Ulefone Be Touch 2 have reported that MediaTek devices running the 64-bit chipsets are experiencing severe lag when gaming on 2D games such as rhythm games. There is a fix for it, thanks to XDA member llewelld.

All you have to do for this fix is simple:

  1. Head on over to your device’s Engineering Mode (dial *#*#ENGMODE#*#* in the Dialer, or use this app)
  2. Scroll right until you reach Hardware Testing
  3. Scroll down and find AAL, and tap on it
  4. Make sure AAL is disabled, then reboot

It should look like this after you’re done:


According to this Chinese MediaTek forum site, AAL stands for Ambient-Light Adaptive Luma, and is a feature which adjusts the screen according to the lighting around the user. It is not known how this affects the performance though, but as long as it is turned off performance is indeed improved.

If this fixed your gaming lag problems, do give a thanks to the original post!