Era of Huge Batteries – Bluboo X550 – First Impressions

5300 mAh – That’s what the Bluboo X550 carries in its massive battery, a capacity not many OEMs are willing to implement due to their potential compromise with their devices’ looks. However, the Bluboo X550 provides some promising aspects on why a big battery does not always mean having to hold a plastic brick in your hand.

Bluboo X550 box

Bluboo X550 box

The Bluboo X550 came in a small box with the words ‘Beyond your life!’ written on it. It opens from the top, which means you’ll just need to shake it slightly to get the lid off.

Opening up the box will reveal the Bluboo X550, with a pre-fitted silicone¬†case (which came as a surprise, because I didn’t expect a free case to come along with it). To reveal the other accessories, I had to remove a divider, which had been fitted on too tight, causing me to tear it slightly (but that’s not a problem, ain’t it?). Below the divider was an array of items: a Quick Start guide (which explains instructions for Kit Kat, despite the device being a 5.1 device), an extra screen protector, a quick charger, a USB cable, and an OTG cable.

X550 box contents

Contents of the box

What’s surprising though is that a Getone app promotion bookmark came with the package. I got the device from Coolicool, and they could’ve been sponsoring the Getone app.

X550 booted up

The Android lock screen, modified by Bluboo

Turning on the Bluboo X550 revealed a boot screen painted with Bluboo’s boot logo and animation, which by the way has sound. I’m not a fan of this, and I promptly removed it after rooting the device shortly after.
After the device switched on, I was greeted with an odd lock screen. It was the standard Android Lollipop lock screen, but with some modifications. For one, you could only unlock by swiping the Bluboo logo circle to the lock icon, and you could not unlock by swiping the entire screen up. This is pleasantly surprising, as other devices like the Ulefone Be Touch 2 has customized lock screens for the fingerprint sensor, which may not be as secure as the stock Android lock screen.


Quick charger! (click to enlarge)

The charger, upon close inspection revealed that it was indeed a quick charger, and supports outputs of 5V/2A, 7V/2A, 9V/1.5A, and 12V/1.1A. This is something I prefer, as the device does have a huge battery. Some people have also reported to receive 2 chargers: one quick charger and a normal one, though I did not get any normal charger aside from the quick charger.


Tiny black specs on the screen (click to enlarge)

After a couple minutes of usage, I also noticed a few tiny black specs on the top left hand side of the device. These could be manufacturing defects, as they were inside the LCD and not outside, thus I could not get them out. As I am not particularly experienced with this device yet, I will not attempt to repair it. Other devices do not have this issue though, and it is probably a one-time defect.



CPU: MediaTek MT6753P, 1GHz quad-core



Android version: 5.1, almost completely vanilla Android

Camera: OmniVision 8865 13MP (interpolated from 8MP), GC2755 5MP (interpolated from 2MP)

GSM bands: 850/900/1800/1900

WCDMA bands: 850/900/2100

LTE bands: 800/1800/2100/2600

Screen: 1280×720, 5.5 inch

Sensors: proximity, light, accelerometer


I will be doing a review of this device soon, so stay tuned! If you’re interested, you can get the device from Coolicool.


Photos taken on the Ulefone Be Touch 2.