Elephone P6000 Source Code

I seem to have stumbled upon some MediaTek kernel source codes. Well, that is, if it has been confirmed that the file that I downloaded from Elephone’s servers and uploaded to Google Drive is the real deal. It contains 2 folders, ‘kernel’ and ‘mediatek’, both filled to the brim with what appears to be source code.

P6000 sources

The root directory

P6000 sources

Kernel folder

P6000 sources

MediaTek folder

Someone from the GizChina Tech Fans group on Facebook has already confirmed that this is the kernel source code, but I’m still waiting to see what can be done to this. If you are interested in developing ROMs for this device, you can grab the source code here, or here on my GitHub.
That is it for today, I really do hope that someone can make something out of this, as MediaTek’s stringent rules and policies on source code has really annoyed the developer community a lot.

Happy Android-ing!

  • Anonymous

    Is it posible to built a running kernel from this source code? I mean a kernel that supports the phone completely.