Elephone As a Leading MediaTek SoC OEM?


As most of you may know, Android 5.0 has been released for quite some time, along with many new features and the brand new Material design guidelines for Android apps. Not many devices are running Android 5.0 or 5.1 yet, but many OEMs are trying to push out updates for Android 5.0, and one such OEM is Elephone.

As you may know, Elephone’s devices use MediaTek‘s SoCs, and MediaTek isn’t really nice with their source code. Still, Elephone has a team of active developers who constantly push out interesting and new ROMs and bug fixes for their devices. Recently, they’ve announced that they are going to release a barrage of ROMs, including CyanogenMod 12 and Flyme OS for their current flagship 64-bit P6000 device. The P6000 runs on an MT6732 64-bit chipset, has 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, with an integrated app-data partition.

In case you didn’t know, CyanogenMod 12 is an after-market ROM that has many customization options for hardware buttons and the system interface, managed by the Cyanogen company. It is based upon Android 5.0, which runs on ART. ART is faster and more stable than Dalvik, which are both runtimes on Android.

Furthermore, the P6000 is one of the only devices out there with a MediaTek SoC that has CyanogenMod builds up and running. A representative of Elephone has also confirmed that the ROM will be released to their official forum this week. You may want to consider getting this device, as it is really interesting to see a CyanogenMod 12 build pop up for a MediaTek device.

The P6000 goes for around 200 SGD, and considering it runs on a 64-bit chipset, is very cheap. Anyone out there looking for budget devices can also visit their site for more details on where to get the device.

That is all!