Duet Review

Duet iconWhen you think smartphone game, you think of something that can be played with only your fingers, preferably the lesser the better. Duet is one of those games that only require you to tap or hold your finger on the screen, yet presents you with challenging tasks such as, to put it simply, avoiding tiles, avoiding tiles that move, avoiding tiles that spin, and avoiding tiles that disappear. It sounds simple, until you realise that you have to not move, but rotate two circles around to get to doing that. One goes clockwise, the other goes counterclockwise. The game isn’t particularly difficult, such as games like Geometry Dash, but is still pretty challenging for people like me, who are new to video games.


  • Really, really awesome soundtrack
  • Unique playing style
  • Voice acting fits the atmosphere of the game
  • Colour scheme is simple, and even allows inverted colours
  • Google Play Games integration


  • Music doesn’t correspond to whatever the player is playing, making the game slightly confusing when playing with the music
  • Tablet users who have the game in landscape may find it hard to play

If you’re up for a challenge, the link to the game can be found here:

Alternatively, if you are unable to access the Play Store, you can use evozi’s APK downloader to sideload the application onto your device.
Have a good one!