Droid Agency, moving on

Disclaimer: This post contains the history of Droid Agency and will bore most to death. However, there is a tl;dr at the bottom.

Hello all, ever since our inception, the goal of Droid Agency was “to bring Android news, app reviews etc at your fingertips!”.

The founders, Vardan Nazaretyan and Gursimran Bedi started blogging back at blogspot(Yes,I know it’s ugly. I was designing those layouts before Anaz came along). Not long after, I saw Vardan posting about his blog over on Google+, naturally I was curious and interested since we were “best buddies” back at XDA.  It was also during my school holidays and I was finding something to pick up during that period of time. I therefore contacted Vardan via hangouts and soon, I became a writer for Droid Agency. Back at hangouts, I met Gursimran Bedi, an Australian which we hit off after a while. These days, you don’t see this post anymore due to his commitments to his personal life, which I would be coming to that later. Within days, I wrote my first thoughts  regarding batteries in smart phones. It wasn’t well received, since we were really new at that point in time. Nevertheless, none of us gave up and continue to post articles at a regular basis; promising to post everyday and even held side bar polls. We had dreams of getting big shots like HTC and Samsung to sponsor their products to review, yes, we were that naive.

Fast forward a few months, there was a discussion to bring more writers into the blog since we were tied up with our life commitments. I rope in my friend from my previous school, Leon Low. He contributed some thoughts on our blog and we were even thinking of doing our own dedicated hosting right at Leon’s home. The hardware we were thinking of using was an old Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, a RAID 10 array(4 500GB Western Digital HDD=2TB of storage). It was hilarious thinking back. Since Leon had little to no experience with Linux, I went over to his home to do the installation.  Debian was the natural choice since, I never had experience installing Linux with RAID. Even before this, we were flirting with FreeNAS, which I have even lesser knowledge of, even though it’s Unix. It was a tough mess, since both of us had inadequate knowledge and had to scan the forums and Wikis to setup. Very soon, we gave up due to time commitment.

Then Anaz Haidar came along on Google+,his exact words were  “+Vardan Nazaretyan +Daniel Quah how about restructure Android Agency .Professional domain, professional platform and me on board. ” You would think that, “hey! That would be awesome right?!”. Nope, Vardan, Leon and I strongly objected, (Gursimran was already missing in action,which I don’t blame him) since we do not have the funds and we were “just a bunch of teenagers who are enthusiastic about tech”. After some discussions, Anaz made a generous move by funding a server for us albeit a shared hosting.

Till then, we still had no ads nor sponsors and still ensured quality posts at all times. None of our writers had any payments or any sorts, yet we still persisted.

Afnan Qamar came along when he noticed our blog on HTC Elevate, which Vardan was promoting at that time. We told him that we were self funded and he would no receive any payments working for us, yup, he acknowledge the fact and is still happily writing for us till this day.

Fast forward, I snagged a sweet deal with Digital Ocean and had a $100 credited to my account. The first thing I thought was, “Yay! We can migrate to a better server now! “.  Gone are the days where we had shared hosting and now we have a VPS. There was a small obstacle(Digital Ocean thought that we were frauding them), but, we managed to overcome it and moved over to Digital Ocean within days.

Fast forward again, on 11 Novemeber 2014, I posted a  post regarding Material Design Email app on AOSP on Reddit, the post caught fire and our server couldn’t handle it due to the massive amount of visitors at that point of time. Before downtime, we had 2k+ views in just a 2 hours, this is no easy feet for us as we never had that amount of visitors in that short period of time. For the first time in Droid Agency’s history, we have 3 other news outlet reprinting our post.

So, the purpose of this post is…….We need some funding from you guys.

No, we are not putting ads out there on our blog, it would be against our principle. Not only that, we want to have a clean looking site and giving readers a pleasant experience while browsing our site. If you didn’t notice that, we had a widget earlier in that day regarding StackSocial, but it was taken down after I spotted it.

No,we are not asking for donations, because, if you guys were to donate to us, we will feel obligated to deliver content day after day, which is impossible for some of us as, like I said, we do have  life commitments.  There are no benefits for us to write for Droid Agency except for the thrill of it. We take time off to write reviews, talk about latest Android news and maintain this site and it consumes a lot of time.

The servers aren’t going to pay for themselves, we would appreciate it if you could help us by buying from StackSocial using this referral link. For every purchases you make, 10% of the amount will be given to us. That would help us a lot in the long run. If you found a sweet deal at StackSocial through us, give us a shoutout either through Twitter or Google+.  If you would like to be recognize for your help towards Droid Agency, feel free to contact us through email/hangouts/Google+/Twitter and we would definitely thank you and will feature you either on our blog/Twitter/Google+ or a either combination at your choosing.

tl;dr: We need fundings to provide a better experience for our readers, therefore by using this referral link to purchase items, you would help us in the long run.

Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech