Devoxx Conference : Lollipop 5.1 Leak?

Google has just released the dessert ( that’s what they called it ), Android 5.0 recently. While people still busy getting their hands on Android 5.0, two software engineer attending the Devoxx Conference taking place at Amsterdam this year discussing about Android 5.1. Android Software Engineer Romain Guy and Google Senior Software Engineer Chet Haase were sporting a Nexus 5 powered by Android Lollipop MR1, which stands for Maintenance Release 1.

A report published on Thursday in The Netherlands correspond with an online article stating that Maintenance Release 1 is usually an incremented update. Take note that all Android update with MR1 flag is usually released as Android X.1 where X is the Android initial version. Android 2.0 MR1 released as Android 2.1 and so on until KitKat.

Below is the screenshot displayed on the big screen at Devoxx Conference. It might be just a small maintenance and code clean-up update that doesn’t bring huge overhaul like KitKat to Lollipop. Surely by the time we get our hands on Android 5.1, there could be some notable new features we can enjoy.



Source : phoneArena

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