DEEP DARKNESS – Cool Theme With Dark Colours

Theming is one of the features still lacking in stock Android, but with CyanogenMod, many possibilities are opened in the form of theme packages. One such theme is DEEP DARKNESS.

DEEP DARKNESS is one of the better themes out there on the Play Store, and is also one of the ones being constantly updated. It has a cool feel to it, and is overall a dark theme. Everything from the Play Store to WhatsApp are themed, and the colour theme, a general cyan and black, are very pleasing to the eye. Some parts of the UI are also made transparent, so your wallpaper will show through menus.

This theme is also special due to its use of status bar animations: When using ADB, the ADB icon will animate, and when an alarm is set, that will animate as well, making the overall feel of the themed device a little more aesthetically pleasing.

There are though, some parts of the theme that don’t seem to fit right. For one, the corners are way too rounded. These rounded corners can sometimes make UI elements look off, such as when a menu item is highlighted, but overlaps the rounded corners. The power menu highlights also look odd, as some of the icons are not centered properly. There is also a misaligned G icon somewhere, but I’m not sure where it is.



  • Cool dark theme, may save battery on AMOLED devices
  • Many apps themed
  • Constant flow of updates


  • As always, you’ll need CM12 to use this theme
  • Rounded corners look ghastly
  • Power menu highlights need to be removed/changed

Get the theme: