Chromium for Snapdragon APKs Here!

Snapdragon users can rejoice, for Chromium for Snapdragon now has a build guide and APKs for your sideloading pleasure!

The Chromium for Snapdragon (also known as SWE) project is a custom built version of Chromium (the open source version of Chrome) optimized for Snapdragon devices. It includes various options such as a power saving mode and night mode. However, automatic Google sign-in is not available.

CAF (Code Aurora Forums), the people who manage the project, have not release proper documentation on how to build the browser, but now you can view it here on this XDA thread, and give the build a try.

The APK file can also be found at the respective locations:

Automated builds courtesy of ChaosDroid (thanks to XDA member kurtextrem)

24 November build of m46 (newer version)

22 November build of m42 (latest version)

These APK files are the original builds of the browsers and contain no modifications (no package name changes or icon changes, nothing of that sort). The m42 branch also seems like it has not been updated in quite some time, as the version numbers are very close to the one that can be found on the XDA Labs app.