Chrome Beta for Android Drops the Address Bar

Back in November last year, Google introduced the ability for Chrome Dev and Canary (Android) to place the address bar to the bottom by accessing the chrome flags page. It was somehow did not receive a lot of respond but for me, it’s something that I really need the most for one handed operation. This bar also known as Chrome Home also includes most of the other buttons down to the bottom such as accessing the three-dot menu and new tab.


Today, Google released this feature by default on their latest Chrome Beta for Android v61.0.3163.51. You don’t need to edit the flag to get the Chrome Home down to the bottom. Unless if you need so, then just go ahead open the chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home , switch it to disable, relaunch and then switch it back to enable and do another relaunch and you got it. Neat.

The best part yet is, now you can swipe up the address bar to access all the other important stuff such as Downloads, Bookmarks and History. By the look of it, this could be made into the final production and available globally by default. Let me know what you guys think about it!

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