Blackview Alife P1 Pro Source Code

MediaTek has not always played nice with GPL, but recently it seems either the OEMs or MediaTek has been doing something, and kernel sources for various 64-bit MediaTek devices have been released. This does not include leaks such as the one here, but rather, official sources released by the OEMs with official statements/news reports on them.Blackview is one such OEM, and they’ve just recently released the kernel sources for the Blackview Alife P1 Pro, and it seems to be complete. However, it does not match the typical leaked sources which have two folders, namely ‘mediatek’ and ‘kernel. This makes it difficult to check whether they are complete, as the OEMs may have left some things out. You can try to build something for the device yourself though, if you own it that is.

You may grab the sources at this GitHub repository, or you can download the direct mirrored sources.