Asus Zenwatch First Impressions

Shortly after selling the Moto 360 , i decided make my wallet upset again and gotten the Asus Zenwatch . Here is the first impression of the Asus Zenwatch ( First Gen )



It has a 320×320 Amoled display , which is the only Smartwatch that uses Amoled , others uses either IPS or LCD display . The Amoled display really shines when the Always On Display mode is active . Its deep black when the display is in low power mode really shines in this area .



Like all other Android Wear ( except the Moto 360 First Gen and Casio Watch ) , it has a Snapdragon 400 + 512MB of RAM , i can say it meets my expectation , there are minor lags but that is not enough to annoy me the hell out of it like the Moto 360 First Gen .



Like all other Android Wear Smartwatches , except Moto 360 and Casio Watch that gave very poor and very good battery live respectively , is able to run for 2 days before it runs out of juice . The always on display is active all the time too . The battery would last slightly longer if the bloatware on the watch isnt present . In total , those apps ( only 2 of them actually ) ate 5% of my battery after every full discharge . It can’t be disabled or uninstalled unless you root your watch , which is kinda pointless and crumblesome


Build Quality

I cant really describe how nice is feels in the hand , but these things i noticed might be enough for you to imagine . It feels nicer to wear than the LG G Watch and Moto 360 , but the Moto 360 attracts the most attention . The rounded corners is a good design because sometimes you move your wrist too much and might get poked by the sharp corners like on the Moto 360 and LG G Watch .

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