Are OEMs getting their acts together?

This post contains some rant at the bottom.

Ever since Google officially drop Lollipop’s source, OEMs are now racing to put Lollipop onto their latest flagship.

HTC promised to roll Lollipop in 90 days for the M7 and M8; Motorola has also posted a soak test for selected Moto X users, but a fellow member on XDA has mirrored the soak test and is now available for all who have the courage to flash; LG has also posted a press release stating that it has began rolling out Lollipop for the G3 owners this week and the OTA has been leaked over at XDA(again); There is a video by Sammobile showing Samsung Galaxy S4(GT-i9500) running Lollipop,albeit a buggy one.

Such fast rollout is generally great for end users since they get the latest software without having to wait for a long time. It should be duly noted that these rollouts are not official yet, some of the above mentioned software are still in beta testing.

I have to point out to Nexus users out there who are making a big fuss with regards to Google’s slow rollout.

  • Like I have stated, the rollout aren’t official(most of them are still in beta testing). The Nexus users who own recent Nexus release already had Lollipop beta way back in June, didn’t they know that?
  • Faster rollout is great for the platform, isn’t it? They have to look at the bigger picture. Tim Cook has always criticised the Android Platform as being “fragmentated”. This drive developers away from the platform. In order for the platform to grow as a whole, you have to look at the bigger picture. You want more features and better battery life? Let OEMs to compete with each other.
  • Google isn’t releasing Lollipop for users yet because of a WiFi bug in the Nexus 5. Logically speaking, they will have to fix the Nexus 5 first since it will be the first device to receive Lollipop. It is illogical to release Lollipop to Nexus 4 users first as it is no longer Google’s recent flagship. Therefore, they have to withheld back the Lollipop update.

If you are still not satisfied by my explanation, sure, go ahead and do a compile of AOSP yourself. The core of Android is open, you can build it yourself if you aren’t willing to wait. Ha! I guess it, most of us here do not have any ideas how to even do a compile, am I right? If words like “make clean, make mrproper, make –j9” scares you, stop crying, since you do not know how hard it is to track down bugs and squash them.

Google has never promised Nexus users that they will be the first to receive the update, only promising timely updates. Note the difference here?

Alright, I shall end my posts here. What do you think of timely Lollipop updates? Are you a butt hurt user or do you not simply care about it? Let me know in the comments!

Daniel Quah

18 Year old dude, who loves cat and tech