Another gimmick by Samsung?

Today, Samsung just released a new way to charge your ever growing list of devices; from your tablet to phone to smartwatch to even your Bluetooth headset.

As seen in the picture, it is a USB cable with 3 different outputs (micro-USB) and an input. Sure this is a great way to charge your gadgets without the need to fiddle around with all the cables and sockets, but has anyone thought about the amount of Amp going into 3 different devices? Is it sufficient? The highest output rating I have seen for our portable device is only at 2.0 A. So, each devices will only receive about 667mA in theory. Obviously, the devices will charge slowly and this defeats the purpose of having this cable in the first place right?Which in the first place is to quickly charge all your devices all at once.

Road warriors who like to travel light might take a look at it, but at the price of $40, it is simply not worth it for home / office users who have enough outlets around them. If Samsung decides to drop the price tag to within $15-20 price range, consider buying, as the price of 3 aftermarket cables cost way lower than $40 and you are just paying for the premium.

Source: Samsung

Daniel Quah

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