Android Wear 5.0(Lollipop details!)

Derek Ross have been teasing Android Wear 5.0(Lollipop) on his Google+ account recently and has leaked some more info regarding Android Wear 5.0 on Reddit!

With my original information, I was given a date of December 3rd. However, last week I was told that the consumer release date was possibly pushed back. We did see the Android Wear companion app updated, which is needed for the upcoming OTA.

I was just shown information that points to a Wednesday, December 10th launch for the new watch face collection and the next version of Android Wear. Dates and information do change though.

According to his leak, watch out for this link, for updates. The link as of now is 404, but the moment it goes live, we will see watch faces collections!

There will be an OTA rolling out soon and we might see performance improvements and even more battery life.

A kind Redditor has provided a pushbullet channel to keep you up to date of the changes in the URL, so, stay tune and get ready your F5!


Daniel Quah

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