Android Oreo Initial Impression

Yet another Android Oreo article but I promise this time is going to be a really quick one. Earlier today, after reading some other news article, I realized that I can apply for the Android Beta program and just jump ahead pull the final Oreo image. So without holding back, I reapply for the Android Beta program and in a second, I received the update notification. The update progress I rather quick. Took me around 5 minutes to complete everything and the system is ready to go. I did notice there are some hiccups but it’s totally acceptable because the phone is finishing the upgrade on background plus I noticed Google Play is also updating to version 8.1.29 giving some stutter for a few minutes. After that, everything went smooth and silky and I’m quite impressed with the new update. Why? New looks, of course!

Below is the new notification panel. It’s bright! But it’s acceptable for me, at least. You’ll notice that even the Spotify notification is a bit different somehow.

So what do you guys think so far? Let me know!

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