Android O-What?

So Android O is coming right around the corner. Possibly by this 21st of August judging on the heads up by Evan Blass on his twitter a few days ago. That aside, now comes the hard part. What is it going to be named after? With lack of leaks and promotion like before, we can’t be too sure about the name just yet.


On top of that, back in July, Android Senior VP Hiroshi Lockheimer posted a suspicious menu photo of Orangina with #nocomment. Thou we know Hiroshi is known for faking people out on his twitter account, it’s hard to know if this is serious or not.


As reported by The Verge, and from the tip they received coming from Best Buy, they already use the name Orangina on their system but possibly just a placeholder since there’s no official name yet. Or maybe, it’s indeed Orangina and god no, that is one awkward name for Android! And we don’t even have Orangina here in the Malaysia (correct me if I’m wrong, the only foreign drinks I drink is Bundaberg).

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