5 things I like about HTC.

wpid-img_20140517_002929.jpgFrom the heights of the HTC Desire, the world’s first true iPhone competitor, HTC had fallen dramatically, and sales were in the gutter. It had something like 10.7 percent of the market at its best – and this is already a distant memory, a figure dating back three years by now. Arguably an underdog in the mobile industry now, but it hardly matters with the pace with which the industry is progressing. Fans and tech enthusiasts love the brand and will think more than twice before they go with another company. With that said, let’s take a look at what HTC is good at.

1. Unrivalled Design
HTC’s design and aesthetics abilities give it an appeal few can match. The Taiwanese company has long been the bar for Android phone design. Through a clever combination of technology and design, in today’s impossibly congested smartphone market (especially at the high end) that’s something to be applauded for the HTC.

2. Unparalleled Build Quality
One more thing HTC is good at is Build quality. HTC devices are superbly put together. No gaps or lose finishes whatsoever. Their finish can easily rival that of much more expensive smartphones from dedicated luxury smartphones OEMs. Not always dust proof & water resistant, their devices can still take enough beatings from dust and water.

3. Authentic Sound
BoomSound is by far the best audio technology I have ever heard on a mobile device so far – and that’s including tablets. BoomSound, particularly on flagships, is not only the loudest around, but also delivers perfectly clean output. The positioning of the speakers on the front of the phone is a critical characteristic of the phone’s sound. Slapped right on the front, it allows audio to be fired towards you when you’re holding the phone.

4. UI which makes SENSE
They make superior smartphones with superior features. Innovation doesn’t rest. Neither does HTC. Sense UI is the one that helped the company set itself apart from rivals in the early days of Android smartphones thanks to its trademark retro clock and weather widget. It has evolved since the early days. It is the most responsive skin I have ever used on a phone and its as flat as possible, giving stock android a run for its money.

5. Innovation
They make superior smartphones with superior features. Innovation doesn’t rest. Neither does HTC. Yes, this is true. HTC is associated with many firsts in smartphone industry. Right from the first handheld touchscreen devices to Dual cameras on the Evo 3D to UltraPixels, HTC never prefers the conventional way of doing things. Right?


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