10 Apps I Can’t Live Without

Throughout history, smartphones have evolved from a piece of small technology to a piece of technology we use everyday to stay connected to anyone, anywhere. Now, we have little programs called apps, which we use on a daily basis. I’m sure you have apps that you cannot live without, and here is the list of my top 10 apps I cannot live without.

  1. Minuum Keyboard: Well, typing on Android is fine, but sometimes, my the screen is just a little too sticky to swipe around or tap properly. Or sometimes I just need more space. This is when Minuum Keyboard comes to the rescue, allowing me to type using just one line of letters. The recent lag fixes also made this keyboard my daily driver, and an app I cannot live without.
  2. Musixmatch: There are many music players out there in the Play Store, but so far, I think this one’s the best. Musixmatch not only shows you the lyrics, it has a clean and customizable interface that also brings Google’s new Material design with it. It is snappy, and overall has all the features I need without being very complicated to use, such as PowerAmp, which basically junks everything onto one screen (and doesn’t have Material Design). Sorry PowerAmp fans!
  3. Podcast Republic: Alright, by now you should already know that I’m a music person. I use Podcast Republic to listen to podcasts such as Revealed Radio, and Hardwell on Air. Well, you could say that I couldn’t leave my home without my phone having a list of music ready to be played. Podcast Republic also brings the Material design interface, making its interface look really nice. It is a little complicated to use and manage though, but I’ve gotten used to it.
  4. Xposed Installer: Ah, yes… Every rooted Android device I have (which is essentially every one of them) must have this. The Xposed Installer allows me to install various modules that will spice up my device’s interface and features, such as GravityBox[KK] and App Settings. This way, I won’t have to modify any system files in order to get the features I want. The developer has also released an Android Lollipop version, so I’m pretty excited about that.
  5. Microsoft Outlook: I own a couple of email addresses. One of them is from Microsoft’s very own Outlook email service. The all new Outlook app was updated a couple months ago with the Material design (pseudo-Material, actually), and is now easier to use. Most of my personal email go here, so I would really want this app to stay on my phone and give me notifications whenever I get a new email.
  6. SambaDroid: Do you know the time when Android decided MTP would be a better alternative for file transfer? Well, I don’t, but I know MTP is really unstable, and hard to use. SambaDroid allows my rooted Android device to use a Samba server (similar to just another Windows network location) to transfer files in real-time with a Windows or Ubuntu machine. Set up is easy, and I’ve also donated to the developer just to show my support for the app.
  7. Google Chrome: As you might know, I use a MediaTek device, and MediaTek devices come with the outdated AOSP browser. The browser saves files in a folder called ‘MyFavorite’ instead of the conventional ‘Download’ folder, making it difficult for me to access my files. I disabled the AOSP browser on my device, and made Google Chrome my default browser. No regrets till now, except that the RAM consumption is horrendous, just like on the desktop version.
  8. AdAway: I am not a fan of ads. Most of us aren’t, anyway. A lot of apps show intrusive ads, or just simply ads that look really horrendous. However, it’s not that I don’t support developers earning money through ads, but I am willing to donate to them if just a button is put in place to do so. Some apps I use not only have ads, but have multiple ads on a single screen, so that makes the app really just about ads and not about the app itself.
  9. Google Search: Ok, Google – That’s one thing I love about the Google Search app. The Google Search app gives me real-time cards based on my location and search history, sometimes proving to be essential in my work. It also allows me to quickly look for things I want simply by well, you guess it: searching. Most users have this app on their devices, but I really cannot live without Google, because you know… Information comes from the Internet nowadays.
  10. Google+: Last, but not least is Google+. Many people do not like or use Google+ that much, but I do. Google+ is where I get a lot of my memes and anime illustrations which I use as wallpapers sometimes. Google+ is also easy to use, and a main platform for app testers and developers like myself to communicate with other users in the community. One such community would be the Flow Home Testers community, which as active users posting bug reports and suggestions almost every day. I highly recommend Google+ to those who do not want to use Facebook (if that is going to happen anyway).

That is all! If you want more of these ’10’ lists, do leave a comment and let me know what you would like to see!
Until next time, stay awesome!