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How should the staff do the safety of the winding embroidery machine?

Whether from the optimization of the operation of the winding embroidery machine, the advantages of the function play, or from the safety of the equipment, are directly related to the specific performance of the staff in use. From the perspective of equipment application security, it is necessary for staff to do so:

When using the winding embroidery machine, the staff should strictly follow the standard operating procedures, so as to be able to use correctly, to avoid potential safety hazards caused by wrong operation, and naturally to do a good job in the safety protection of equipment.

For female staff, it is necessary to tie their hair tightly, especially not to wear hair construction equipment, to prevent the damage to their own safety caused by the stuck hair into the equipment. In addition, the staff should be reminded that when using the winding embroidery machine, can not wear hats and scarves and other accessories, to prevent these accessories into the equipment and the occurrence of safety incidents.

_not only in order to ensure the safe application of the winding embroidery machine, but also requires the staff to have a very high sense of safety, be able to take the initiative to do the corresponding security work from the subjective aspect, take the initiative to consider the safety of equipment, pay attention to all aspects of security issues, so as to do a good job in the safety of equipment application. A very reliable guarantee.